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Beautifying Smiles in Alameda, CA

Esthetic dentistry has come a long way in recent years. Let Dr. Randhawa help you achieve your best possible smile!

Beautifying Smiles in Alameda, CA

We have all seen people whose dental work is obvious and often unattractive. For example, a crown that is too large or opaque, bridges or dentures that look like a picket fence, restorations that do not blend in naturally, upper teeth do not show when the patient speaks, etc. This dentistry was done by someone who did not begin by performing a dentofacial diagnosis.

Successful esthetic (cosmetic) dentistry is naturalistic and not obvious when you smile. Success in esthetic dentistry must first begin with a full dentofacial assessment, a comprehensive evaluation of your smile characteristics and how your teeth look in your mouth.

This important step is crucial to determining the best possible treatment for your individual esthetic needs. Dr. Randhawa performs a full dentofacial assessment on all patients before beginning to formulate treatment recommendations.

With a full dentofacial assessment, our results will be more predictable and naturalistic. Whether you need a more youthful smile, a rebuilding of worn teeth, veneers, cosmetic dentures, gum recontouring, clear braces, teeth whitening, or any other smile enhancements, we can promise beautiful, long-lasting results.

Signs of Dental Dysfunction

  • Chipped, thinning, or worn short-square front teeth
  • Soreness in the face or jaw joints
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Avoiding some foods or hot or cold beverages
  • Clicking, locking, or restrictive jaw movement
  • Loose teeth
  • Tension headaches

If you experience any of the above symptoms of dental dysfunction, call our office to schedule your consultation with the award-winning Dr. Randhawa.

Dr. Randhawa can give you the smile you have always dreamed of. Call your local award-winning cosmetic dentistry specialists in Alameda at (510) 521-3300 today.

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