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Teeth Whitening in Alameda, CA

You can brighten your smile in just one convenient appointment! For professional teeth whitening services in Alameda, California, call the award-winning Dr. Gurjit Randhawa!

Teeth Whitening in Alameda, CA

Are you tired of the lackluster results of over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments or at-home kits? Dr. Randhawa is here to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted. We offer high-quality professional teeth whitening services to Alameda and the Bay area. Depending on your needs and treatment goals, we can recommend teeth bleaching with Opalescence or LumiBrite. Schedule a consultation to learn more today!

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

The total cost of your teeth whitening procedure will depend on your unique needs and desired goals. No matter what whitening results you want to achieve, our award-winning team offers amazing service and easy financing options.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

We’re all born with bright, healthy smiles. However, over time, our teeth can become discolored or dull. Diet, lifestyle, health, and even the aging process can cause our teeth to lose their beautiful brightness. To treat stains and achieve a whiter smile in as little as one visit, Dr. Randhawa recommends professional teeth whitening treatment. In-office whitening systems use powerful peroxide-based bleaching agents to bleach away even the toughest stains and provide high-quality results.

At Randhawa Dentistry, we offer two whitening systems to meet your unique needs:

  • Opalescence: Using oxygen molecules, the Opalescence whitening gel penetrates your enamel to breakdown stubborn stains at the molecular level. As the oxygen molecules break the chemical bonds holding the stains together, they spread all over the tooth to whiten it.
  • LumiBrite: The LumiBrite whitening gel is a gentle, fast, and effective treatment for patients concerned about tooth sensitivity. This system comes with a desensitizing gel to minimize any sensitivity or discomfort without compromising your results.

How Can I Get Whiter Teeth?

For dramatic results in just one visit to our conveniently located Alameda office, call Randhawa Dentistry today. We can brighten your smile by five to eight shades in one appointment. To achieve more drastic whitening, Dr. Randhawa may recommend follow-up treatments. No matter your goals, the first step toward a more beautiful smile is calling our office for your personalized consultation. Dr. Randhawa was named “The Best Cosmetic Dentist” three years running by KRON4 News. Put your trust in an award-winning dentist to get the smile you’ve always wanted.


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