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Regular Checkups in Alameda, CA

Visit Dr. Randhawa every six months for all your dental care needs. We offer regular dental checkups to our patients in Alameda, California, to help them keep their smiles healthy!

Regular Checkups in Alameda, CA

Regular dental checkups are the key to keeping your smile bright and your teeth healthy! Dr. Randhawa and our award-winning dental team are proud to offer dental checkups to keep you and your children smiling for years to come.

When you visit our conveniently located Alameda office for your next dental checkup, you can expect the following:

  • Full Examination: A member of our team will perform a thorough examination of your mouth to assess your overall oral health. We will check your teeth for signs of decay and damage, including missing or broken fillings, crowns, or bridges. We will also check your gums, lips, tongue, cheek, and other oral tissues for signs of infection or disease.
  • Digital X-Rays: We take digital X-rays to evaluate the condition of your teeth, tooth roots, and jawbones beneath the surface of the gum line. Digital X-rays emit up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional film X-rays, making them safe for children and pregnant women.
  • Oral Cancer Screening: Early detection and treatment of cancerous and precancerous conditions is a critical part of effective treatment. We perform oral cancer screenings to help patients assess and understand their risks of developing oral cancer.
  • Orthodontic Evaluation: During your visit, Dr. Randhawa will perform an orthodontic assessment to check the health of your bite. He will make treatment recommendations based on the alignment of your teeth and jaws.
  • TMJ Evaluation: The condition of your jaw joints and surrounding muscles impact your overall well-being. Dr. Randhawa will check your jaw and chewing muscles for signs of TMJ disorders.
  • Sleep Apnea Assessment: If you experience excessive or loud snoring, Dr. Randhawa may discuss sleep apnea treatment options.

Be sure to take advantage of our convenient weekend appointments and easy financing options! Our team is dedicated to providing excellent care at affordable prices.


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For dental checkups in Alameda, California, call Randhawa Dentistry. We offer high-quality dental care and the latest technology to help our patients achieve optimal oral health. Call us at (510) 521-3300 today to schedule your next appointment.

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