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Crowns and Bridges in Alameda, CA

Are you looking for restorative dentistry services in Alameda, California? We can help! Randhawa Dentistry is an award-winning dental practice that restores smiles with high-quality dental crowns and bridges.

Crowns and Bridges in Alameda, CA

Do you suffer from damaged, decayed, or missing teeth? The award-winning dental team at Randhawa Dentistry is here to help. We offer high-quality crowns and bridges to help our patients restore their smiles to the fullest. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Randhawa today to learn more about our affordable restorative dentistry services.

How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost?

The cost of your care will depend on the condition of your teeth, and the extent of the restoration required. No matter your treatment needs, we pride ourselves on providing restorative dentistry services at competitive prices. Our practice also offers easy and affordable payment options to help you restore your smile without hurting your budget.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a fixed dental prosthetic that we use to repair and restore teeth in cases of decay, injury, disease, or infection. If your tooth is too damaged to repair with a simple dental filling, Dr. Randhawa may recommend a crown. Crowns are cemented to the existing tooth structure to fully restore its look, strength, and function. We make our crowns from porcelain for a long-lasting and natural-looking restoration, allowing you to bite and chew with confidence again.

Dr. Randhawa may also recommend a crown to attach a bridge, cap a dental implant, or cover a worn, discolored, or misshapen tooth.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

If you live with the loss of one or more teeth, dental bridges are an affordable alternative to dental implants. A bridge is created by using a series of dental crowns to fill the space left behind after the loss of one or more teeth. The artificial teeth are made from high-quality porcelain and are anchored by crowns placed on either side of the gap.

Once placed, your dental bridge will restore the natural strength and function of your bite. Bridges also help prevent further dental health issues by keeping your surrounding teeth from shifting into the gap left behind by tooth loss, ensuring that your smile remains straight and healthy.

How Long Do Crowns and Bridges Last?

With proper at-home care, your porcelain crown or bridge can last many years before needing to be repaired or replaced. We use porcelain for its durability and resistance to chipping, cracking, or breaking. Be sure to schedule regular checkups with Dr. Randhawa to ensure the longevity of all dental restorations.


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Restore your smile today! Call Dr. Randhawa for high-quality crowns and bridges in Alameda, California. Schedule your next appointment at (510) 521-3300 today. We are an award-winning dental practice dedicated to providing top-notch care at affordable prices.

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