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Regular Checkups in Emeryville, CA

When you require regular checkups in Emeryville, California, contact our office to book an appointment today! Our highly trained team take pride in helping families achieve optimal oral health!

Regular Checkups in Alameda, CA

The experienced team at Randhawa Dentistry are proud to take care of our patients’ oral health with comprehensive general checkups. Good oral health contributes to your overall health, which is why it is important that you and your family visit us regularly. Our highly trained team will check that your teeth and mouth are in good health and offer you advice on any questions that you may have.

What Can I Expect at My Regular Checkup?

Your regular dental exam will involve two parts. The first is the dental exam, where a member of our team will check for signs of disease and decay. The second is the professional cleaning. Our hygienist will clean and scale your teeth, removing buildup that brushing at home cannot.

During your dental exam, we will closely examine all of your teeth to assess their state of health. In particular, they will be looking for decay and plaque and tartar buildup, as well as early signs of oral cancer. Digital X-rays will be taken of your teeth and jaw to help further assess your dental health. If any treatment is required, we will go over our recommendations with you.

We will also perform orthodontic and TMJ evaluations as needed. If you have any issues with snoring or sleep apnea, then your dental checkups are a good time to discuss this with us.

How Often Do I Need A Checkup?

You should visit us for a dental checkup every six months. Your oral health is incredibly important to maintain as it can have negative effects on the rest of your health. Without healthy teeth and gums, you may experience pain and trouble eating, as well as a loss in confidence. Poor oral health can also contribute to a variety of physical problems, impacting your overall health. Dental issues are not always easy to recognize at home, which is why it is vital that you have a dentist examine you regularly.

Is a General Checkup Painful?

A general checkup is a non-invasive procedure. If you experience dental anxiety, please allow plenty of time for your appointment so that you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Be sure to about our options for sedation dentistry if you think that you might need some extra help to stay calm.

Please alert us if you are prone to sensitive teeth as the professional cleaning may aggravate this. We will be able to offer you pain relief before we start work if this may be a problem for you.

How Do I Keep up My Oral Health Between Appointments?

Between your regular checkups, it is important that you maintain a good cleaning schedule. You need to brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day with a quality toothpaste containing fluoride. This will help to keep your teeth strong, healthy, and free from decay. At night, you should also remember to floss and rinse your mouth with mouthwash. This gets into the hard-to-reach places that you can’t clean with brushing alone.

Feel free to ask any of our team questions that you may have regarding your oral care regime. We are here for you and are more than happy to offer you advice when needed.


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