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Emergency Dentistry in Emeryville, CA

Are you experiencing oral pain? Do you need of emergency dentistry in Emeryville, California? Our team at Randhawa Dentistry is here to help.

Emergency Dentistry in Alameda, CA

The team at Randhawa Dentistry are very proud to serve our community and contribute to the health of everyday people. When you need emergency dental treatment, contact us immediately. We can offer advice over the phone and either book you in for treatment as soon as possible or recommend the correct health professional for you to visit if required.

When Do I Need Emergency Treatment?

If you have had a mouth injury or are experiencing pain, visit us as soon as you can to get everything checked out. Urgent care is required in a dental emergency as the longer you wait, the worse the damage can get.

Contact us as soon as possible in an emergency to give us the best chance of saving your damaged teeth or preventing the spread of infection and pain.

What Can I Do While I Am Waiting for Treatment?

If you’ve experienced a dental emergency, be sure to call us immediately. Our knowledgeable team will be able to give you personalized advice over the phone on what actions you should take while you are waiting to be treated.

Generally, for pain, broken teeth, or soft tissue injury, a warm compress on the outside of the mouth is recommended to alleviate pain or swelling. If one of your teeth has become completely dislodged, there is a chance it can be saved. Do not ever touch the root of the tooth when you pick it up, as this can damage it. If you can, submerge it in a glass of milk and make your way to our office.

How Can I Prevent A Dental Emergency?

Regular visits to the dentist for your checkups go a long way to keep your mouth healthy and minimize your chances of needing emergency dental care from sudden pain and infection. Ensure that you are constantly taking care of your teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing before bed. Use fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen your teeth.

If you are playing contact sports, the best thing you can do is wear a custom mouthguard to help keep you safe from injury. Ask us today about our custom mouthguard services. You should also avoid using your teeth to open anything as this can be a common cause of injury.

How Much Does Emergency Dental Care Cost?

We understand that a dental emergency can be stressful because of the financial strain, as well as the pain. We will always do our best to keep costs as low as we can. Our practice also offers easy finance options to help you meet costs. Ask us about your options when you call us! We're happy to help!


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In a dental emergency, you need to be seen by professionals as quickly as possible. If you need emergency dentistry in Emeryville don’t wait! Call us at (510) 658-9775 to schedule your consultation as soon as possible.

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